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5 Design Ideas for Landscaping Your Backyard with Pavers

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

If you’re looking for affordable and low maintenance ways to create an outdoor space for the entire family to safely use, then pavers provide you with a golden opportunity to do exactly that. Made of brick, concrete or natural stone, pavers come in a mind boggling array of colors, styles, textures and shapes, and can be used to build such outdoor features as patios, walkways and decks.

However, while pavers have the ability to turn an unusable and unattractive space into an area that not only looks great, but which can be used for a variety of purposes, done wrong, it can have disastrous consequences. Always use a professional landscaping company to pave any area of your yard or garden, and when you find a company you can trust, you might want to consider one (or all) of the following 5 design ideas:

1. A fire pit with a rustic look

Fire pits are growing in popularity with every passing year, and more and more homes across America now feature them in their yards. With the help of a landscaping company, you can really show off your fire pit by surrounding it with some stunning pavers in a rustic design, and make it a real focal point not just of your yard, but your entire home.

2. Connect your patio with a paver pathway

If you’ve already got a patio in your backyard (and if you haven’t, why not?) and it’s a little way from your home, you can ask a professional landscaping company to help you connect the two spaces with a creatively designed paver pathway. Once you’ve selected the pavers you want them to use, you might also want to include some other features to enhance your hardscapes, such as natural stone columns and retaining walls.

3. A paved pool deck

Affordable but still so stylish and practical, a pool deck made of pavers can work wonders for an in-ground swimming pool. With the use of geometric designs (or any other design and shape that you want), you can not only give anyone using the pool a safe area to walk on, but you can beautify the pool and make it look even more inviting when the mercury rises.

4. Create an eye catching pathway

Even the smallest of backyards can be elevated from both a design and practical standpoint, by a paved pathway, and there’s no better material for achieving this, than pavers. Not only does a pathway lead the eye and the feet through your garden, but it can create a wonderful contrast between the colors, especially if you use irregularly shaped pavers so that grass and/or mulch can fill the gaps for a cottagey look.

5. Give your garden an elegant look

If a cottage garden isn’t quite the aesthetic you were looking for, you could ask your landscaping professional to use geometric pavers so that they can be lined with a ground cover material such as river rocks or pea gravel, to give the garden a more modern, elegant look.

Versatile and affordable, pavers can make any backyard more appealing, both visually and practically. To find out more about how pavers could enhance your outdoor spaces, talk to a local landscaping company.

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