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When hardscaping is carried out by professionals it can totally transform the aesthetics of a property, and provided you choose a dependable company (like ours!), you can turn your tired, bleak and uninspiring yard into a spectacular backdrop to your home.

What is Hardscaping – let’s look at it in a little more detail

Used in landscaping, hardscaping is a term that refers to every element of a landscape that isn’t living, such as fences, walls, gazebos, water features and patio pavers. Solid and often highly attractive, hardscapes can be skillfully combined with softscapes - the living elements of a landscape such as plants, trees and flowers - to produce a stunning display of colors and textures that elevate an ordinary yard.

Different Types of Hardscaping

Below are some common examples of hardscape that you may already be familiar with:


Helping to create clean lines in a landscape, edging can also prevent plants from spreading out of their beds and can be made from stone, concrete or plastic.

By using a combination of the highest quality natural and manmade materials (as per your request and desires), and with our experience and extensive training, we’ll give you the best hardscaping results, time and time again.


From classic looks to the extraordinary, at Compass Landscaping Services, we’ve got the skill, dedication and attention to detail required to give you the very best hardscaping results, and your neighbors something to envy!

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For a free initial consultation, or simply to chat informally about your hardscaping needs with no commitment to use our services, reach out to us using the quick and simple online form, by picking up the phone or dropping us an email.


However you choose to reach out to us, rest assured we’ll have a green thumbed expert waiting to assist you!

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