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Landscaping Services

Compass Landscaping is located in monroe twp NJ. Compass can help you transform your residential or commercial property into a work of art. 

Based in Monroe Township, New Jersey, the team at Compass Landscaping Services are proud to serve customers throughout the Middlesex area and beyond – including the boroughs and townships of Millstone in Somerset County and Manalapan and Marlboro in Monmouth County – and with our dynamism, skill and commitment to quality, we have given many folks the gardens and yards of their dreams.


About Us

We place a high value on collaboration with clients which is the "Key" to creating a functional and eye-catching landscape. Our focus is on a tailored designed that compliments your home. Balance is the core of our work and paying attention to detail is essential which we do exceptionally well. The end result is an eye-catching landscape that brings increased value to your home.

Each client’s home is unique this is why we work with your ideas coupled with our experience. We need your business to stay in business and to do so we have to earn it, references upon request. See for yourself the work we have done and talk with the owner on his or her thoughts on the work performed, we encourage it!  Building an environment that is comfortable for you to spend time and enjoy for years is our goal.


We've been providing the Middlesex area with landscape design, hardscape services, land grading, landscape drainage and fence installation. Whether creating walkways or gardens, we oversee every project with knowledge of proper materials and workmanship.


Why is landscaping so important?

Landscaping can make or break not just a garden or yard, but an entire home, and when done right, can add real value to a property, both from an aesthetic perspective and a financial one.


Whether you want to enjoy a beautiful garden or yard for your own pleasure, or are seeking to try and sell your home both quickly, and for a higher price, professional landscaper can help you achieve whatever it is you’re looking for. However, truly great landscaping is about so much more than simply laying a few pavers.


There’s a lot that can go wrong when landscaping isn’t carried out professionally, and issues such as poor drainage (which can lead to flooding) and erosion, can quickly turn your yard into an eyesore. To avoid this, always work with a landscaping company who can prove that they have the necessary skills and dedication to complete the work to a high standard, and who offer prices that reflect the quality of their work, while still being affordable.

Finding a great landscaping company

As mentioned, the success of your landscaped garden or yard rests entirely on the shoulders of the landscaping company you choose, and as such, it’s essential to choose wisely. Check out the competition in your area and don’t be afraid to ask questions of any company who seem as if they might be the right fit for your project.


At Compass Landscaping, we are 100% committed to customer satisfaction, and will go above and beyond to ensure that you’re just as happy with our work as we are. Because our landscapers understand that every garden and yard is unique, and that each of our customers will have unique needs and desires, we take the time to truly understand what is being asked of us. By carrying out detailed discussions with our customers prior to any contracts being signed and any work being carried out, we’re able to make their vision, our vision, and design a landscape that captures it entirely. 


From designing and constructing walkways and patios, to installing fences and landscaping an entire garden from corner to corner, there’s nothing our landscaping services team haven’t done, and will continue to do, to give you the garden or yard that your beautiful home deserves.


To find out more about our wide range of landscaping services, do reach out to a member of our green thumbed team, who will be more than happy to chat to you about ideas for your yard or garden, or any problems that you might be experiencing, such as flooding and erosion.

Why Choose Us


We have the tools

Proper tools are an intricate part of quality workmanship.

From the simple hand tools to earth moving equipment.

We will get the job done, "right" 



We understand that changing your mind on the plan, to get it the way you like, is part of the partnership.   Both client and contactor will work together to reason and be flexible in making changes, at the least possible cost. "Change is inevitable"  

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