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Brush Clean Up

Brush clean up service that will help you tidy up your yard, or reclaim land that has become overgrown

Does your home or business have trees surrounding it that have been planted too close together, making it look messy and blocking the sunlight? Are there shrubs growing in an area of your home that make it look untidy and visually unappealing? Or maybe you’ve got some land that you want to build on or sell, but it’s covered in brush and other debris?


Trees and shrubs can perfectly complement a home and give it a natural look, even in an urban setting, but planted wrongly, and they can seriously impact the curb appeal of a home, and even lead to structural issues. Land that has become choked by brush and debris,


So, what’s the solution?


Compass Landscaping Services offer a brush clean up service that will help you tidy up your yard, or reclaim land that has become overgrown. The scale of the operation will depend greatly on the size of the property and how much brush and debris has accumulated there, and in some instances, we may need to use specialized equipment to get the job done satisfactorily.

What does a brush clean up involve?

Our professional brush clean up service involves the removal of all overgrown or unwanted vegetation and other obstacles, to clear it and enable building to take place, or simply to beautify a yard and make it more usable.


For properties that haven’t been used in a long time, there may be trees and dense growths of weeds along with tree stumps, rocks and junk to be removed, and we may use specialized equipment to ensure that the job is carried out efficiently. If your home is lived in, but plants and trees have been allowed to grow in the yard and/or garden in a disorderly manner for many years, the task may well be equally as big. Either way, brush clearing is usually a job for the professionals, not least because they can get the job done quicker and more safely than if you were to tackle it alone.

Our brush clean up process

Before deciding what equipment we may or may not need to clean the brush from your land, we’ll carry out a full and detailed assessment. During the assessment, we’ll survey the area thoroughly and look at any obstacles that might also be involved, such as tree stumps and boulders. We will also talk to you about any trees or shrubs that you wish to remain in site, and ensure that these are left intact during the clean up process.


To get your plot of land free from brush and other debris, you can count on our team to get the brush clean up job done professionally.

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Contact Us

For a free initial consultation, or simply to chat informally about your brush clean up needs with no commitment to use our services, reach out to us using the quick and simple online form, by picking up the phone or dropping us an email.


However you choose to reach out to us, rest assured we’ll have a green thumbed expert waiting to assist you!

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