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Landscape Drainage Installation

If a problem with drainage is ruining what should be a beautiful lawn, you need expert help, and fast!

With drainage issues, all it takes is one heavy rain shower to turn your lawn into a marsh, and oftentimes, the water can take days to soak into the ground. Not only does this leave the entire lawn looking unsightly and impossible to walk on without a pair of gum shoes, but it can encourage pests and insects such as mosquitoes to breed there, and affect the foundations of your home.


To fix your soggy lawn, call on the team at Compass Landscaping Services and ask for our landscape drainage installation service. With our help, we won’t just ensure that your lawn isn’t submerged every time it rains, but we’ll also transform the health and appearance of the grass.

What is landscape drainage installation?

During a drainage installation carried out by professionals, a drainage system to convey any kind of waste water to its intended destination (i.e. a sewer system or septic tank) is built. Involving a range of methods and materials such as channel drains, French drains and dry wells, yard and landscaping drainage for both residential and commercial properties will ensure that your garden or yard don’t become marshland that you can’t use, and which looks unsightly.

How important is landscape drainage installation?

Having adequate drainage to prevent water from pooling around your home is essential for a number of reasons, some of which are listed below:

For a garden or yard in which excess water drains effortlessly away, you need the team at Compass Landscaping Services and our expert drainage installation service. 

For a free initial consultation, or simply to chat informally about your drainage installation needs with no commitment to use our services, reach out to us using the quick and simple online form, by picking up the phone or dropping us an email.


However you choose to reach out to us, rest assured we’ll have a green thumbed expert waiting to assist you!

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