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Fence Installation

Our vinyl and aluminum fence installation service will leave your property secure, private and looking great

At Compass Landscaping Services, our vinyl and aluminum fence installation service will leave your property secure, private and looking great.


Many homeowners seek more privacy when using their yards and gardens, or even while inside their homes, and having a sturdy but aesthetically pleasing fence erected can be the perfect solution. Homeowners may also wish to have a vinyl or aluminum fence installed to keep their pets from straying into the street, or to ensure that small children are safe and secure while playing in the yard. Ultimately, there can be many reasons to have a fence professionally installed surrounding your yard or home, and they almost always help increase the value of a property, too. 


With no two fences being the same, our team will assess your requirements before recommending a style and size of fence that will give you everything you’re looking for, while remaining within your budget, too.

Why choose a vinyl fence to protect your home?


There are several factors that make vinyl fencing a smart choice for your home, here are some of them:

Long lasting

Lasting as much as 5 times linger than wood and other fencing types thanks to the way in which it resists moisture, vinyl is a great choice of fencing for your home.

Requires little maintenance

You need really only hose your vinyl fence down every so often, and because they’re also resistant to weather and insect damage, their ideal for homes in regions that experience frequent storms and bad weather.


Available at a lower price than iron or wood fences, they also save you money in the long run thanks to their low maintenance requirements.

Aesthetically pleasing

Coming in many different colors and designs, you’re sure to find a vinyl fence to complement your home.

Why choose an aluminum fence to protect your home?

Providing a strong, sturdy barrier around your home, aluminum fencing is often more attractive than a traditional wooden fence, and has a range of benefits:

Water repellent

Able to repel water and moisture damage, an aluminum fence will last much longer due to this fact, and requires minimal maintenance since it doesn’t rust like its iron and steel counterparts.

Aesthetically pleasing

Made for the purpose of decoration (although they are highly functional, too), aluminum fences can look much more attractive surrounding a property, and while providing a sturdy protective barrier, also allow light through and some degree of visibility, which many homeowners prefer.

Let the team at Compass Landscaping Services secure your home and give you the privacy you yearn for, by installing a high quality, robust and attractive vinyl or aluminium fence.

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However you choose to reach out to us, rest assured we’ll have a green thumbed expert waiting to assist you!

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